EFICEEC-EFISEE is the Central-East and South-East European Regional Office of the European Forest Institute. EFICEEC was launched in April 2010 and comprises a network of 30 partner institutions in Central- and Eastern Europe. EFISEE was launched in November 2012 and represents a networking institution within the South East European countries with 9 partners from 6 different countries in the region. 

EFICEEC-EFISEE is an international research network that provides integrative forestry-related research and capacity building with a particular focus within three thematic research areas: innovation & sustainability, policy & governance as well as forests & land-use. 

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EFI study sets out new role for the forest sector in EU climate targetsls and 2020 targets set for forests?




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EFI publication “A new role for forests and the forest sector in the EU post-2020 climate targets” was published and its main outcomes discussed at the ThinkForest side-event ‘Climate policy targets: how can forests contribute?’ at the COP21 climate negotiations in Paris today on 1 December 2015.

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