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STARTREE - Multipurpose trees and non-wood forest products a challenge and opportunity

FP7 Cooperation Work Programme, 2012-2016

StarTree aims to provide better understanding, knowledge, guidance and tools to support stakeholders in optimising the management of multi-purpose trees and developing innovative approaches for increasing the marketability and profitability of NWFP for a more competitive rural economy. StarTree will achieve this by: (i) developing new knowledge and tools to optimise the sustainable and joint provision of wood, NWFP and related services as well as the management of multi-purpose trees in a climate change context, (ii) advancing the understanding on the socio-economic importance and the potentials of markets for NWFP, including the role of public and private actors in supporting the innovation processes for new products and services based on consumers┬┤ behaviours and patterns, and (iii) establishing solid strategic partnerships between key research organizations and specialised small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) working on NWFP in Europe to ensure and speed up the transfer of research and innovations to markets 

Project is funded by the European Union through the Europeann Commission's FP7 Cooperation Work Programme.

Contact Person: Bernhard Wolfslehner

Implementing office: EFICEEC

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